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Located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, GustOrganics is the first 100% USDA certified organic restaurant in the nation.  Unlike other restaurants where perhaps the only potential organic offering is the organic baby greens appetizer, everything at Gusto is organic.  So, if you want to eat an all-organic meal out of the house, it is the place to be.

GustOrganics Bar

Created by Argentinean-born businessman Alberto Gonzalez, GustOrganics’s menu is Latin-inspired and changes daily based on fresh produce offerings.  The restaurant also maintains the world’s first all-organic bar with an entertaining cocktail menu to match.  For a non-alcoholic beverage, the staff makes natural fruit blend drinks such as the Fresco with organic mangos, orange juice, and agave.  Or, to accompany breakfast or brunch, diners can order freshly squeezed orange juice.  And for all you water snobs, Gusto serves purified water.  For free.

GustOrganics Tables

Not only is everything from the food to the beverages organic, but the entire restaurant is green.  Certified as a Green Restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association, Gusto uses solar lighting and wind energy, the tables are made of recycled wood from old barns, and the servers wear organic uniforms.  You name the green practice – they do it.

Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as take-out and delivery, the restaurant’s atmosphere is rustic and inviting.   The dishes are superb, the food is high quality, and the prices are reasonable.  GustOrganics is a must for any Organic Elitist.

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